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SURE RANGE SRM-12E economy table top mincer

Manufacturer No: SRM-12E


The SURE RANGE economy stainless steel table top mincer is a type 12 machine. This model is suitable for non-intensive mincing for samll batch work, ideal for game dealers and small food processing work.


•Cast plated body and mincing head
•Powerful 1HP motor
•Removable feed pan for easy cleaning
•Easily transportable


•Enterprise system supplied as standard
•Model type - 12
•Working position - table top
•Throughput (kg/hr) - 125 (non continious)
•Motor specification (HP/kW) - 1 / 1.0
•Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) - 430 x 215 x 520mm
•Net weight (kg) - 18
•Voltage - 230v 50hz 1phase

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