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TSS102-F semi-automatic tray sealer with die cut

Manufacturer No: TSS102-F

SCS No: TSS102-F

The TSS102-F is a semi-automatic table top tray sealer. With automatic film feed and cut off. Bespoke tray moulds and die cut are available. Supplied complete with a single impression die (profile) cut mould


•Simple slide in of mould and machine seals automatically 
•All stainless steel construction
•Automatic film feed and cut off
•Programmable temperature and sealing time - provides optimal and consistent sealing 
•Price includes single impression fixed mould with die (profile) cut 

Trays available, from 4p to 28p per tray, various film also available from £27 per roll. See consumables section for tray and film sizes and pricing 


•Max tray size; 260 x 195 x 155(h)mm 
•Film size; 210mm (width)
•Voltage; 230V 50Hz 1 phase 
•Cycles; 6 - 8 per minute
•9 programs (temperature and time control)
•Overall size; 315(W) x 450(D) x 555(H)mm

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