Stock packaging equipment sure vac vacuum packing machine range sure vac floor standing, single chamber s p range range

SURE VAC model SV3263SP (fish packer)

Manufacturer No: SV3263SP

SCS No: SV3263SP

This floor standing, single chamber SURE VAC model is ideal for packing whole fish. Two whole salmon can be packed in one cycle. Ideal where different types of fish products (i.e. whole fish, fillets, steaks etc) are packed with different vacuum requirements (10 programs), gas or soft air etc.


•10 program time control
•Stainless steel chamber and casing, heavy duty plastic lid
•Soft air fitted as standard
•Busch pump
     Inclined filler plates
     Sensor control
     Gas flushing
     Cut and seal system 
     Food container adaptor 
     Service kit
     230V 50Hz 1 phase


•Control type: 10 programs
•Chamber size (LxWxH): 320 x 890 x 100mm
•Seal bar length: 2 x 320mm
•Pump size: 63 m³/hr
•400V 50Hz 3 phase

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