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Dimension Price Sign Printer XTENDED model

Manufacturer No: SCSPR001


Designed to be linked to DIMENSION PRO, or as a stand-alone unit. Cards are autofed to produce printed cards quickly and simply. Far better solution compared to paper printed and laminated counter signs.


•Durable, waterproof and hygienic price signs

•Double sided printing capability

•Graphics (i.e. logos) and dual colours can be printed
•Price signs printed directly from Dimension Pro software in seconds,  giving the complete solution from back of shop catering accounts to retail counters
•Scale labels and price signs synchronised, through Dimension Pro
•Transforms your counter, professionally printed counter price signs
•Allergens, ingredients, sales messages, special offers on display to your customers
•Various sizes of price signs and ribbon colours available
•Easy, straightforward installation
•Can be used as standalone Price Sign printer
•Microsoft Office can be used to design cards, building a library of designs


•230V 50Hz 1 phase
•Built in USB and Ethernet connections
•Card size; 86mm, 109mm, 128mm and 140mm long x 54mm wide
•Ribbon colours; black, white, silver, gold, red, blue and green
•Card colours; white, matt black and slate black
•Windows 8 Compatible

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