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Avery Berkel MXbusiness Software for M2, XM, XT, Xs, XTs & XTi

Manufacturer No: MXBUS0NOMEDIA000


MX Business from Avery Berkel. Designed with the smaller business in mind, MX-Business lets you take control of your scale operations, manage scale data, extract totals and take remote control of any scale in your network. Really understand which products are heroes and which ones zeroes. Discover where you should focus your selling efforts, which staff are performing best. Pull back the totals from your scale network and export them to Microsoft Excel or another program for further analysis.


View and connect to any scale in your network as well as obtain asset data such as the asset id, IP address and installed software version. You can even remotely connect and steer the scale – carry out basic checks without leaving the office. Add, edit and delete products and data related to them quickly and easily. Make quick price changes, create and amend text, date information, the associated label format, in fact any information associated with the product.Design your own label layouts and send them to your scale estate. A graphical representation of the layout helps you easily and quickly add data fields and build up your label design.The keyboard designer lets you quickly and easily create multi-layered keyboard designs simply by dragging and dropping the required function onto the keyboard - The function is assigned to the key and appropriate text automatically added, with text even automatically sized to fit the available key area


• Available for Windows, Vista, Windows 7,8 & 10
• For data management and backup of in-store scales for end users
• Support for current Avery Berkel scales and printers
• Provides control of product data along with label layouts, keyboards and menus

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