Check the following before you call support

  1. Check power to scales, router and computer.
  2. Check network connections. Do physical checks on the cable if they are wired. Check to see if the scales have IP addresses. Check Wifi Connections. Check if you have powerline adaptors that they are connected. Make sure router is working correctly.
  3. Call internet provider if there is an internet issue.
  4. Call IT company if they manage the following: VPN, Internal network or Virus software.
  5. Check for windows updates. Go to start menu and type check for updates. If its not up to date please update it.
  6. Restart the pc if it has been on for a long period of time.

 If you have completed the above steps please call support on 01825 732497.

Download Anydesk Below so we can Logon on to your PC remotely.

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